April 21, 2024
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Kifaransa |Money tranfer!

Need to send money to family or friends back home ?

This may be cheaper and faster than you might think.
Sending money home for school fee, helping family, investing, there are many options of sending cash faster and safely. Many are cheaper and more user friendly than the classic bank transfer.
Below are a few options to consider when you need to make your next international money transfer. Note that when sending exact amounts to MPESA you should always include withdrawal fee of around 300 Kenya Shillings


With Transferwise you can send money to Kenya to Mpesa, banks account or outlets.

No charges your first and second transfer if you register through this link https://transferwise.com/invite/u/noahm84

Through their application or website you can send money to Kenya to Mpesa or outlets.
No charges and 10 Euros bonus for your first transfer 
Pay no charges and get 10 euros bonus by  using the  PROMOTION CODE: MULIM or follow this link >>> Azimo

Otherwise for 100 Euros send you pay 2.90 Euros.

If the PROMOTION CODE does not work don’t hesitate to contact us for new Code

Transfer to Mpesa, as airtime, to bank account or outlets
Interesting exchange rates compared to others
Transfer in minutes
Transfer from website

Only 6 outlets in kenya, Eldoret,Kisumu, mombasa, Nairobi and Nakuru

Follow this link to get 10€ REDUCTION >>>Here

Long time the leader in the sector of money transfer, you can send money to MPESA or more than 100 outlets in Kenya.
For 100 Euros send you will pay 6.90 Euros

Transfer to MPESA, as airtime, to bank account or outlets
Outlets include almost all banks in Kenya
Transfer in minutes in to Mpesa or airtime
Tranfer from website and outlets

Low exchange rates


Depending on your bank for 100 Euros you pay between 20 Euros and 48 Euros. The person receiving the cash will also pay bank charges on his side.

You can program permanent monthly transfers with your bank

Very high bank charges

Transfer will be received 3 to 7 days

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