May 26, 2024

KRA returns 2021

Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA

KRA have seriously ramped up their operations over the past couple of months. This will affect they way kenyans, even in the diaspora will file their returns for 2021.

Some rules and tips

  1. If you have a PIN then you need to file a tax return even if you have no income.
  2. If you had registered for VAT/PAYE and then stopped filing returns then please write to KRA to inform them to cancel the obligation from your PIN.
  3. Interest income from banks, T bills, etc have no further tax liabilities after withholding taxes.
  4. Rental income is taxed at 10% of the income. No need for receipts etc. Nice and simple.
  5. If you only earn a salary then you must also submit a tax return.
  6. Business income is taxed after expenses. The rates are graduated (personal) but maximum is 30%. For limited companies it is 30%. Yes KRA is your partner in the business.
  7. Do not ignore any letters/emails from the KRA. You must respond or else they make their own estimates and raise an assessment. The battle becomes bigger.
  8. There is no hiding anything now. Your bank and MPesa records are available to the KRA.
  9. Many of us feel the pain of the corruption you see but then the taxes must still be paid.
  10. Pay your taxes (not a penny more or a penny less) as that is the right thing to do. If we lived abroad then we would not dodge taxes.
  11. KRA has introduced Alternative Minimum Tax which is 1% of your turnover even if you make a loss. This has commenced in Jan 2021.
  12. Make sure that you have a at least 2 friends who are accountants. Entertain them once in a while. It will be worth it!!
  13. Capital Gains Tax is 5% on sales of property/shares etc.

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