Nala Money now available in Europe

Born in Africa to develop Africa. Nala the fast growing money transfer platform, is now available in the European countries..

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Invitation Nala Money Paris Event

Nala is inviting you for a launch event in Paris.

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Death announcements

Death announcement- Antony Keya Father

It is with great sadness to announce the passing on of KEYA’S Dad. Antony Kenya live in France. We are.

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Diaspora Top News

Ruto encourage economic exile!

To grow diaspora remittances the president of Kenya William Ruto has revealed plans to drive an aggressive global job hunt.

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Working in France as a Kenyan in 2023

At the end of 2022 French unemployment rate stood at 7.3 par cent, which remain among the highest rates in.

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Top 5 real estate companies for diasprans in 2022

There are many companies and real estate agents in Kenya. Every day new companies appear with many promises and products,.

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Why the French offer Muget during Labour Day

This tradition is about flowers. But not all flowers are good for the occasion, in fact only lilies of the valley.

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The French town names that will make you look twice

If you’re a sensible person and don’t find towns with names like Condom to be amusing, then you should never.

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Kifaransa |’French’ words that aren’t really French at all

By: The local If you’re speaking French on a daily basis, chances are that you are actually using several Arabic.

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French food


French Food | Frog’s Legs

Since medieval times frog’s legs have been one of French staple food since the 12th-century according to the records of.

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