Kifaransa |French expressions you will never learn in class!

When learning french in school, its all about grammar rules and pronunciations, but when you interact with the people we learn some expressions used in daily life but not in school. Here are some that you will probably never learn in school.

“Avoir la tête dans le cul” Literally meaning to have head in the ass. Meaning to wake up not feeling well maybe because of not having enough sleep or mornings after heavy alcohol drinking. Ce matin j’ai la tete dans le cul.

“Tous les 36 du mois” Literally on the 36 day of the month. Simply meaning it will never happen.

“Mal-baissé”Literally someone with sexual frustration. Meaning a unpleasant person.
Mais quel mal-baisé celui-là !

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Mettre ses couilles dans l’assiette et les manger Literally meaning to put testicals on the table.
To make something more masculine or powerful; to give something authority and strength.

“Noyer le poisson”: Literally meaning , “to drown the fish.” This might means to divert the subject or make less noticeable.

“Enculer les mouches “ Literally meaning to fuck houseflies. Paying attention to details of little importance.

“Avec ma bite et mon couteau”Literally, “with my d**k and my knife.” Meaning to do something or perform a task without the proper tools.

“Avoir des casseroles au cul”: Literally “to have saucepans hanging your ass” Used when someone has issues like a scandal.

“casse couille” Literally a testical breaker. someone who has a behavior or a conversation that is particularly annoying.

“Petér le feu” Literally meaning to fat fire. Used when someone has a lot of energy or force.

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