June 14, 2024

The French town names that will make you look twice

If you’re a sensible person and don’t find towns with names like Condom to be amusing, then you should never have opened this story.

If, like me, the thought of living in Orgy, central France, raises an eyebrow – then read on. But you have been warned, either way.

So, here we are: Some of the most rude-sounding places in France.

The Arse Stream

Grab a canoe and head down Arse Stream (Ruisseau de l’Arse) in south western France. It’s probably the closest thing to Shit Creek in this country. There’s a lovely Cascade d’Arse at the end (Arse Waterfall).

The town of Condom

Some 200 kilometres to the north west of Arse Stream is a town called Condom, and it seems the town of 7,000 people can’t decide whether they like the name or not. At one point, the mayor opened a museum all about condoms, but later shut it down.

The town even tried to twin itself to a town in the UK, but were denied due to what the Brits considered the embarrassing name. In any case, the French use another word for condom – preservatif, which makes for a few embarrassing mistakes too.

One thing is for sure, those passing through Condom often take the chance for a quick holiday snap, as these cyclists appear to have done recently.

The village of Anus

Out in the back end of Burgundy you may find yourself passing through Anus, not far from the A6 motorway. This is a tiny village – and its only Bed and Breakfast seems to attract prank reviews so I won’t even name it.

The village of Orgy

Travel just 25 minutes north of Anus and you’ll arrive in the quiet village of Orgy. Be careful driving into town, as tourists are known to stop by the roadside to take pictures of their Orgy experience.

The town of Pussy

Pussy, dissected by the Pussy River (Torrent de Pussy), is a town not far from Italy on the eastern reaches of southern France. The town’s name derives from the Roman name Pussius, but don’t bother telling the tourists that because they’re all having too much fun.

And lastly, the town of Bitche

Yes, we probably all know someone from Bitche Town, and now we know where it is. Situated in the north eastern corner of France, Bitche is home to 5,000 people and they’re surely all lovely.

Runners up that didn’t make this list, but are perhaps worth a mention, are Brest, Pissy, and Le Tampon in Reunion Island.

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