May 26, 2024

Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay to Start on April 16th

Lighting the Flame in Olympia, 16 April 2024

The Olympic Torch Relay, a revered tradition dating back to the ancient Games, is set to commence once again with the Paris 2024 edition. The inaugural flame, symbolizing the spirit of the Games, will be ignited by the sun’s rays on April 16, 2024, amidst a ceremonious gathering in the sanctuary of Olympia, Greece, the historic birthplace of the Olympics.

France tour start in Marseille France, 8 mai 2024

From its origin in Olympia, the Olympic flame will embark on a remarkable journey, starting with a voyage to Athens where it will board the Belem, a vessel poised to traverse the Mediterranean Sea to Marseille. On May 8, 2024, the flame will commence its epic odyssey across the scenic landscapes of France.

Traversing Time and History: A Torch of Connection

An Insight into France’s Rich History

The Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay promises to offer a captivating voyage through the annals of France’s storied past. This monumental journey aims to weave connections between different epochs, showcasing iconic landmarks that have shaped France’s cultural identity and global influence.

From Ancient Wonders to Modern Marvels

En route, the flame will illuminate a tapestry of historical marvels, from the ancient wonders of the Lascaux caves to the medieval charm of Carcassonne and the grandeur of Versailles. It will grace the skies above Mont Saint-Michel, traverse the enchanting châteaux of the Loire Valley, and pay homage to sites of poignant remembrance like the Verdun Memorial and the D-Day Landing Beaches.

Honoring French Icons

As it travels, the Olympic Torch Relay will pay tribute to iconic figures who have left an indelible mark on France’s narrative. From Joan of Arc in Orléans to Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles and Charles de Gaulle in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, the flame will honor the enduring legacies of those who have shaped the nation’s destiny.

Celebrating Nature, Culture, and Innovation

Exploring France’s Natural Splendor

Beyond its historical significance, the Olympic Torch Relay will showcase the breathtaking beauty of France’s diverse landscapes. From the majestic peaks of Mont Canigou to the tranquil shores of Verdon Regional Natural Park, the flame will traverse mountains, valleys, and coastlines, offering a glimpse into France’s natural wonders.

An Oceanic Odyssey

In a testament to France’s maritime heritage, the flame will embark on an extraordinary maritime journey, crossing the seas and oceans to reach overseas territories. From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, the “Oceans Relay” will unite distant shores under the banner of the Olympic spirit.

Celebrating French Excellence

Throughout its journey, the Olympic Torch Relay will celebrate the essence of French savoir-faire, from the prestigious vineyards of Saint-Emilion to the architectural marvels like the Millau Viaduct. It will also shine a spotlight on France’s cultural treasures, with visits to museums, live performances, and musical celebrations.

A Tribute to Sporting Legacy and Future Dreams

Embracing the Sporting Spirit

As a prelude to the Games, the Olympic Torch Relay will honor the enduring passion for sports ingrained in the fabric of French society. From recreational pursuits to high-level competitions, the relay will celebrate the universal appeal of athletics and the values it instills in communities.

Showcasing Sporting Diversity

Along its route, the relay will showcase a myriad of sports, from surfing in Biarritz to cycling up Mont Ventoux, highlighting the diversity and vibrancy of the sporting landscape. Famous venues such as Marseille Stadium and Roland-Garros will feature prominently, underscoring France’s sporting heritage.

An Eye on the Future

Lastly, the Olympic Torch Relay will offer a glimpse into the future, showcasing the state-of-the-art venues that will host events during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in France. From the Olympic Aquatics Centre in Saint-Denis to Yves-du-Manoir Stadium in Colombes, anticipation for the Games is at an all-time high.

As the flame ignites in Olympia and embarks on its extraordinary journey through France, the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay promises to unite hearts, inspire minds, and illuminate the path towards a brighter future.

StepDateRegion or TerritoryStage town
Prologue – Grande arrivée8 May 2024Marseille
19 May 2024MarseilleMarseille
210 May 2024VarToulon
311 May 2024Alpes-de-Haute-ProvenceManosque
412 May 2024Bouches-du-RhôneArles
513 May 2024Millau-Sète-MontpellierMontpellier
614 May 2024CorseBastia
715 May 2024Pyrénées-OrientalesPerpignan
816 May 2024AudeCarcassonne
917 May 2024Haute-GaronneToulouse
1018 May 2024GersAuch
1119 May 2024Hautes-PyrénéesTarbes
1220 May 2024Pyrénées-AtlantiquesPau
1322 May 2024DordognePérigueux
1423 May 2024Bordeaux et le libournaisBordeaux
1524 May 2024CharenteAngoulême
1625 May 2024VienneGrand Poitiers-Futuroscope
1727 May 2024IndreChâteauroux
1828 May 2024Maine-et-LoireAngers
1929 May 2024MayenneLaval
2030 May 2024CalvadosCaen
2131 May 2024MancheLe Mont-Saint-Michel
221 June 2024Ille-et-VilaineRennes
232 June 2024Deux-SèvresNiort
244 June 2024VendéeLes Sables-d’Olonne
255 June 2024Entre Loire et AtlantiqueLa Baule
266 June 2024MorbihanVannes
277 June 2024FinistèreBrest
289 June 2024GuyaneCayenne (Guyane)
2911 June 2024New Caledonia
3012 June 2024La RéunionSaint-Denis (La Réunion)
3113 June 2024Polynésie FrançaisePapeete (Polynésie française)
3215 June 2024GuadeloupeBaie-Mahault (Guadeloupe)
3317 June 2024MartiniqueFort-de-France (Martinique)
3418 June 2024Alpes-MaritimesNice
3519 June 2024VaucluseAvignon
3620 June 2024DrômeValence
3721 June 2024VichyVichy
3822 June 2024LoireSaint-Etienne
3923 June 2024Haute-SavoieChamonix
4025 June 2024DoubsBesançon
4126 June 2024Collectivité Européenne d’AlsaceStrasbourg
4227 June 2024MoselleMetz
4328 June 2024Haute-MarneSaint-Dizier
4429 June 2024MeuseVerdun
4530 June 2024MarneReims
462 July 2024NordLille
473 July 2024Pas-de-CalaisLens-Liévin
484 July 2024SommeAmiens
495 July 2024Seine-MaritimeLe Havre
506 July 2024EureVernon
517 July 2024C’ChartresChartres
528 July 2024Loir-et-CherBlois
5310 July 2024LoiretOrléans
5411 July 2024YonneAuxerre
5512 July 2024Côte-d’OrDijon
5613 July 2024AubeTroyes
5714 July 2024ParisParis
5815 July 2024ParisParis
5917 July 2024Aisne Saint-Quentin
6018 July 2024OiseBeauvais
6119 July 2024Val-d’OiseSoisy-sous-Montmorency
6220 July 2024Seine-et-MarneMeaux
6321 July 2024Val-de-MarneCréteil
6422 July 2024EssonneEvry-Courcouronnes
6523 July 2024YvelinesVersailles
6624 July 2024Hauts-de-SeineEsplanade de la Défense – Nanterre
6725 July 2024Seine-Saint-DenisLa Courneuve
6826 July 2024ParisParis

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