May 26, 2024

French Food | Frog’s Legs

Since medieval times frog’s legs have been one of French staple food since the 12th-century according to the records of the Catholic Church.

By the 17th century, frogs legs were considered a noble delicacy and appeared on the menu en persillade, au beurre or in dozens of other recipes. 

InApril, the thermal town of Vittel celebrates at La Foire aux Grenouilles where you can taste countless different frog delicacies as you sip the local Chardonnay.

How to make Parsley Frog’s legs
(Cuisses de Grenouille en persillade)


10 pairs of frog’s legs

120g butter

220ml flour

310 ml milk

four cloves finely chopped garlic

40 ml dry white wine

one tablespoon chopped parsley

juice of one lemon


Place the legs in a dish with the milk and leave for several hours to marinate and become tender. When the legs are ready, mix salt and pepper with the flour then roll the legs in the flour mix. Shake off the excess and transfer the legs to a clean plate ready for cooking.

Heat the butter in a hot frying pan and add the frog’s legs to brown for several minutes on either side. Add garlic, parsley and juice and cook for a few more minutes. Serve on heated plates.


This recipe can be prepared with frozen or fresh frog legs. If the legs are frozen, defreeze them in a mixture of water and milk before draining.

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