April 21, 2024

Top 5 Business Ideas for Kenyans Living in France During the Paris Olympics 2024

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris which will take place from July 26th to August 11th, 2024, present a golden opportunity for Kenyans living in France to tap into the excitement and influx of visitors. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or someone looking to make some extra income during this major event, there are plenty

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Kenyans in France | Kenyans in Belgium empowered

After a one week tour of empowerment in France and Spain, the Optiven team hold their investment forum on Friday 5 October, in Brussels, the capital of European Union, head quarters of NATO and at the same time the capital of Belgium. Kenyans turned in large numbers to hear about how to invest back home

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Kenyans in France | Optiven team visits the kenyan Embassy in Paris

After a very successful visit in Paris and Lyon the Optiven team today wendsday 03 October made a short visit to kenyan embassy in Paris where they met Amb. Nyambura KAMAU the Deputy Head of Mission/Chancery in France. Jerusha ABSALOM, the diaspora affaire manager was accompanied by James MUGO,a senior manager of Optiven. Read also:Kenyans

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Kenyans in France | Optiven empowers kenyans in France

Kenyans in France have been left behind when it comes to investing back home compared to the kenyans in the US and UK. Those who have tried investing back home will tell you how it is difficult: time consuming, stress, and costly. The solution has been provided by Optiven company that come all the way

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Kenyans in France | Registration for Kenya investment forum open

The registration of the coming Kenyan diaspora investment forum event in France on the 29 September in Paris and 30 September in Lyon is open to all kenyans in France and Europe. The forum is organized with the support of Optiven Kenya LTD and a group of kenyan associations in France, Umoja Association, Kenya France

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Kenyans in France | Optiven diaspora investment team to tour France!

After successful tours in Germany, Italy, USA Optiven investment company will be visiting France in September this year to meet Kenyans in the French diaspora. 

According to a Central Bank of Kenya report Kenyan in France are the third international remittances income from Europe to Kenya after Great Britain and Germany. Read Also:Kenyan Diaspora top

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Kenyans in France | Kenyan Diaspora top source of Foreign Exchange ahead of Tea

Source:Nation Kenyans abroad send home ksh 22.82 billion more last year compared to 2016,
consolidating remittances’ position as top source of foreign exchange ahead of tea exports and tourist receipts. Fresh data from Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) shows diaspora remittances hit an all-time high of Sh197.12 billion ($1.95 billion) in the 12 months through December,

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Kenyans in France | Kenya business forum in Paris

Friday 08 June, Paris  Under the high patronage of the Kenyan Embassy in France and with the support of the Paris Chamber of Commerce (France-Africa Exchange Committee) and the Presidential Council for Africa (CPA), Kenya France Business Club is pleased to invite you to attend the second edition of Business Beyond Borders which will take place

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Kifaransa |Kefra Sacco!

Kenya France Diaspora Sacco (KEFRA) is registered in kenya by ministry of co-operatives as a diaspora Sacco.Kenya France Diaspora Sacco is open for all kenyans living within Europe RegistrationRegistration fee is 100 Euros non refundable and a minimum share contribution of 50 Euros par month, sent directly to the Kefra Sacco account. LoansThey offer morgages

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Kifaransa |Money tranfer!

Need to send money to family or friends back home ? This may be cheaper and faster than you might think.Sending money home for school fee, helping family, investing, there are many options of sending cash faster and safely. Many are cheaper and more user friendly than the classic bank transfer.Below are a few options

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