June 14, 2024
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Kenyans in France | Optiven diaspora investment team to tour France!

After successful tours in Germany, Italy, USA Optiven investment company will be visiting France in September this year to meet Kenyans in the French diaspora. 

According to a Central Bank of Kenya report Kenyan in France are the third international remittances income from Europe to Kenya after Great Britain and Germany.
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Optiven has become the leading company working with the diaspora saccos and individuals.

Optiven will hold several workshops on investment opportunities and project financement in major cities in France. Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille among others.

Some key Thematic Topical Issues during these Forums will include:
* Discovering Hidden economic treasures in Kenya
* Investing in Value – Not Cost
* Shifted mindset in Investment
* Wealth Accumulation strategies
* How to Change mentality and Capture maiden opportunities
* Optiven Movement – Being part of a movement that Economically and Socially Empowers the Society

For more information contact Optiven France +336 59 40 6734 +336 28 95 7369 +254 707 459 336 www.optiven.co.ke
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    Kenyans solving Kenya housing demand through Optiven Group.
    The company tghat has a mission to empower Kenyans to own investments back home.
    Time for Keny ans in France to invest huge.

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