July 13, 2024

Working in France as a Kenyan

At the end of 2018 French unemployment rate stood at 9.1 par cent, which remain among the highest rates in Europe. Against this backdrop, the majority of contracts are flexible, and permanent contracts are few. Employment levels are not predicted to rise significantly, however, there are jobs especially in certain sectors, although you stand a much better chance of employment if you speak French.

Minimum salary

The minimum wage (salaire minimum interprofessionnel de croissance or SMIC) in January 2109 was set at EUR 10,03 per hour, 1522,25 EUR for a full time job of 35 hours. The SMIC is reviewed on 1 January and again in the year if the consumer price index increases by more than 2 percent of the SMIC.

Working as a Kenyan 

You can only work in France only if you have the necessary documents. All necessary informations are available at the French embassy.

Kenyan Students

If you are a Kenyan with a student visa you can only work 20 hours par week.

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Working for less than 3 months

If you to work in France for less than 90 days, you need your employer to get you a temporary work permit approved by the French Ministry of Labour. This authorisation to work is then sent to the French embassy in Nairobi, where you can apply for your visa.

Working for more than 3 months

If you wish to work for more than 3 months, you must apply for a long-stay work visa in France, which also acts as your residence permit. Your employer has to draw up a work contract and send it to the local division of the French Ministry of Labour.This authorisation to work is then sent to the French embassy in Nairobi, where you can apply for your visa.

Working as a EU national

Nationals from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA – EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland have the same rights to employment as French citizens, with the exception of some public administration positions which require French citizenship. Most other nationalities, however, will usually only be able to get a job in France if no suitable French/EU candidate is available to do it.

Jobs that a kenyans can get a visa to France

Very few jobs qualify for a visa to France. Your future employer must prove that he has already published the vacancy in France and with similar qualifications he is unable to get someone locally. 

Scientists, researchers or teachers can get exemptions but jobs like cleaning, driving, receptionists…. have no chances.

If you want to try your chances, only the French embassy in Nairobi can give you correct informations.

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    Am Diana I came with my boss from Saudi they treat me badly cause am a house maid can get a chance to work in France I can so
    Speak English

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    iam a teacher and am interested in working in France i can’t speak French but i can speak English fluently

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