June 14, 2024

NSE Kenya | List of Registered Stock Brokers in 2020

Buying shares in Kenya is not an easy way, luckily the Nairobi Stock Exchange has established a list of 24 authorized brokers, who anyone willing to invest in shares of whichever company can deal with.

Advantages of a Share Broker

  1. Advice, A stock broker will give suggestions about how to make investments, grow, manage and take care of your finances.
  2. Buying and Selling, A stockbroker can and will manage investments for his clients.
  3. Document Maintaining, One of the primary benefits associated with working with a stockbroker is document maintaining. 
  4. Guiding, A stockbroker will provide information and guide a client learn about the benefits, drawbacks, risks and bonuses of numerous distinct investment vehicles.
  5. Paper Work, they Can help you to do related paper work, like opening CDS account

List of Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Stock Brokers in 2020

  1. Genghis Capital Ltd
  2. Dyer & Blair Investment Bank Ltd.
  3. Francis Drummond & Company Limited.
  4. Ngenye Kariuki & Co. Ltd. ( Under Statutory Management)
  5. Suntra Investment Bank Ltd.
  6. Old Mutual Securities Ltd.
  7. SBG Securities Ltd.
  8. Kingdom Securities Ltd.
  10. ABC Capital Ltd
  11. Sterling Capital Ltd
  12. ApexAfrica Capital Ltd
  13. Faida Investment Bank Ltd
  14. NIC Securities Limited
  15. Standard Investment Bank Ltd
  16. Kestrel Capital (EA) Limited
  17. African Alliance Securities
  18. Renaissance Capital (Kenya) Ltd
  19. CBA Capital Limited
  20. Equity Investment Bank Limited
  21. KCB Capital
  22. Barclays Financial Services Limited
  23. Securities Africa Kenya Limited
  24. EFG Hermes Kenya Limited

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