May 26, 2024

Moi corrupted our minds | Maziwa ya Nyanyo

By David K.

After Moi’s death on Tuesday 4 February 2020 many kenyans praised one of successful propaganda that the late president had installed. 

I drank maziwa ya nyanyo, now I realize the damage it has done to my generation and influenced our way of living.

Maziwa ya Nyayo,” – Moi’s free milk programme that was introduced in 1980 and was fully funded by the government. It consisted of giving free milk to all primary school children all over Kenya.

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Reasons why he introduced the programme 

To corrupt  the future generation of kenyans and make them accept the inacceptable, no wonder many who drank the Maziwa ya Nyanyo are praising him after his death and are forgetting all the atrocities and injustices they went and they are still going through up to today : Poverty, poor education, unemployment , poor heath, corruption…

To enrich powerful milk  producers from certain regions of the country, and not to encourage students to go to school said by the government those days. 

Large amounts of money was used to pay milk producers at a higher prices that the market price, instead of improving education standards.

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