June 14, 2024
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Marin to start from Kenya 20,000 km bike adventure in Africa

Marin Marx-Gandebeuf 23 years, a long distant biker hopes to set off for Kenya next month to start his unsupported African ride from Nairobi. 

He will be going through more than 20 african countries before returning back to Paris in early 2021.

 Marin african trip itinerary

In 2015 Marin crossed 6 European countries on his bike with a friend, Paris Copenhagen and in 2016 as well, he rode through Japan on his own during the three hot and long months of summer.

You can follow Marin’s adventure in Kenya through:

-His his personal blog >>here<< or https://www.instagram.com/

-Partner websites www.adventuresdesk.com/marin-in-africa or www.kifaransa.fr/marin-in-africa

“I have always had a great thirst for learning. I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe, Asia and North America. I only know Africa from books, internet and friends from Sudan, Burkina Faso… ” Marin told us

“As a child, I made a very short visit to Morocco. All this cannot tell the infinite complexity of a continent that contains, for me, more cultures and extraordinary stories than anywhere else in the world. Simply, all humanity is born there.” 

“I’d first and foremost like to learn, like the student that I am and will always be, with great respect for the people who will know how to give me advice and guide me on this great journey.”

He holds a Master’s degree in Human and Social Sciences with a focus on the Middle East (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, Paris, 2019), a Master’s degree from the Institute of European Studies (University of Paris 8, 2018) and Bachelor of Musicology degree, Jazz option (University of Paris 8, 2017)

Actually he is President of the association “WATIZAT” which campaigns for access to information for immigrants  in France and is co-founder of the “Guide of Asylum seekers in Paris”. He has worked with the National Research Agency on this subject.


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    Hi, if you get to East London S A we can always host you. Safe travels.. We have family in Cape Town who can host also.

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