July 13, 2024

Kenyans affected by xenophobic attacks in South Africa

The Government has announced that two Kenyans have been affected in the new wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma condemned the attacks saying:

“We woke up to troubling news about xenophobic attacks against non-nationals in several places in South Africa. We welcome the strong condemnation of these attacks by the Government of South Africa and hope that the ethos and values of Pan Africanism will prevail over narrow nationalisms, and be the bonds that glue us together, as African brothers and sisters.”

CS Juma has assured Kenyans that the High Commission is working closely with South Africa to ensure safety of its citizens.

According to police in Johannesburg, over 100 people have been arrested following the attacks that began on Sunday.

Videos shared online show hundreds of people marching through the Central Business District looting and torching cars with the targeted shops reportedly owned by foreign nationals.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, the Kenya’s envoy to South Africa Jean Kamau called for vigilance.

“Several  Kenyan citizens have been affected by the recent spate of violence through arson and physical violence as well as reported incidences of looting in various sections of Gauteng province,” her statement revealed.

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