July 13, 2024
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Supporting loved ones back home

It is never easy to leave your home whether the move is for good or a temporary. And leaving a country altogether to move across a continent is a completely different story. A new survey found that more than one in every three Kenyan youth leave their abode to find a better job or, pursue an educational opportunity.

AfroBarometer, a pan-African research network, conducted the study and revealed that about 35% of Kenyan youth at some point, thinks of moving abroad to avail better educational and/or professional opportunities. Also, the country ranks 20th among the countries where youth have a strong motive to migrate from Africa following Uganda and Sudan.

Living abroad is a great way to explore, learn, and integrate with a different culture and society. But the biggest downside is homesickness that expats have to go through: your family and friends feel the same for you. You would find yourself missing the simplest things of your home such as weather, the cities, and things you never paid heed to before.

Sure, moving abroad for the first time has a happy holiday feeling. You discover the place you have moved to with a passionate resolve of an excited traveler. You get used to it eventually and settle down. But once in while you begin to miss your family, friends, and home. You feel that you are missing out a great deal. Your friend’s baby shower, your little brother’s birthday, your close friend’s marriage and a lot more. No matter where do you live presently, you would miss your home and your family and loved ones that you have left behind. 

It is not easy for parents to let their children go far away. Siblings feel lonely without their brother/sister. It takes a toll on their mental health as well. As a result, this could become a lot to bear for both the expat and his family. 

So, how can you support them? Apart from financial support and sending remuneration to them? Staying in touch. By staying connected with them, you can reduce the distance of thousands and thousands of miles away to a mere tap on your phone.

Utranso serves people all over the world. It has brought people together from all over the world. We all know that not all Kenyan areas have the facility of internet so, phones are still the most popular means of communication. With utranso, one can top up Kenyan sim cards online anytime and from anywhere. This way, you stay connected with your family 24/7.

The ability to top up mobile networks allows your family and friends to connect with you whenever they need, in any situation so that your loved one living in expats don’t miss on anything that is happening back at home. You can top up a mobile phone number from anywhere and that, too, within minutes! You could use cash or a credit/debit card. Simply log on to your site, enter the mobile phone number, select the way to pay and you are good to go! 
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