June 14, 2024
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Soldes Starts Today In France

Winter sales in France starts today, Wednesday January 8th and will last until Tuesday February 4th. There are however regional exceptions to this rule. In the départements of Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle and Vosges the sales have already started, as they run from January 2nd until Wednesday 29th. This is to avoid competition with the neighboring

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France Lifestyle Party

Galette des Rois: Christmas party after party in France

You thought the French food fest was over now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve was behind us? Think again. With the arrival of January comes a national obsession with the galette des rois – the “king cake.” If you’re in France, you’ve probably noticed this scrumptious-looking cake, usually topped with a golden paper crown, in your

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Kenyan Expat Life

Supporting loved ones back home It is never easy to leave your home whether the move is for good or a temporary. And leaving a country altogether to move across a continent is a completely different story. A new survey found that more than one in every three Kenyan youth leave their abode to find

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Kenyans in France | Safaricom roaming suspended in France

Since early June this year safaricom roaming services are not available in France due to a difference between Safaricom and SFR Telecoms their roaming partners in France. Safaricom roaming services are still available in other European countries. Roaming enables you to make, receive phone calls and access to Mpesa account within partner GSM networks around

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Justice Lifestyle News Society

Kenyans in France | Koffi Olomide Under International Arrest Warrant

Wanted for trial by French court The self-proclaimed king of the rumba, Koffi Olomide is sent back to trial in France. The Congolese singer is suspected of having repeatedly sexually assaulted and sequestered four of his dancers in the Paris region between 2002 and 2006, according to a judicial source. The star of the Congolese

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Kifaransa | Monica hacks

Monica Njaga is a Kenyan in France who creates and posts videos on her YouTube Channel. With new posts on mondays and Friday. You will find useful tips and hacks. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> or follow the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeZg87g-tErt0q2A1i3-cQ Monica’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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Kifaransa | Franco Kenyan Gastronomy!

Franco Kenyan Gastronomy! A place to share mix refined gastronomic recipes, starting from France heading to Kenyan Safari, creating amazing, delicious, balanced and economical dishes. And here is the goal! Make orders for your birthday or marriage cake in advance Don’t hesitate to share, like or subscribe Youtube Channel Kenyan Gastronomy Youtube Website Franco Kenyan

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Kifaransa |Kenyan Fashion Designer Aulgah Nato to participate in Canne film festival!

Aulga NATO is a raising Kenyan designer with her clothing label NATO designs will be in France for a art exhibition on the 8th may 2018 during the 71th Canne film festival. She has previously collaborated with brands such as Moet & Chandon one of the prestigious champagne producer in France as well as Mizan.

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