June 20, 2024

What will happen Now Huduma Namba registration deadline is over

The process of registration for the Huduma Namba at the Kenyan embassy in Paris is now over. The mass registration which started on the 6 mai ended yesterday 20 June. 

Photo courtesy: Kenyan Embassy

To register, one was required to first complete an online form, download it, and then appear in person for biometrics capture at the Kenyan embassy in Paris.

Speaking to kifaransa.fr the immigration officer at the kenyan embassy said that kenyans living in France will be able to continue registering. She added that, the deadline only concerned the mass registration and those who have not yet done it will still be able to finalise their registration at the kenyan embassy in Paris, just like a normal consular service.

The process remains the same: Read this >>How to register for Huduma Namba in France

On the new generation Passports in Paris she said the equipments will be delivered from Kenya early July, but it will be only possible to make or renew the new generation passports for the second or third week of July

For more information 

Contact the Kenyan embassy in France

3, rue Freycinet 75116 PARIS. 
Tel: 01 56 62 25 25 Fax: 01 47 20 44 41
E-mail: info@ambassade-kenya.fr

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