June 14, 2024
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Ruto encourage economic exile!

To grow diaspora remittances the president of Kenya William Ruto has revealed plans to drive an aggressive global job hunt abroad for Kenyans.

“Kenyans are outstanding everywhere they go – whether it’s in tourism, hospitality or other industries – they stand out globally. We have a resource.

“I intend to drive the agenda to make sure that we leverage the many Kenyans who have skills, we get them working everywhere in the world. That’s why I have set up the Ministry of Diaspora, put a PS there and told her that she has no other business, she must get Kenyans working everywhere. And every Kenyan who is working everywhere must be serviced by the government of Kenya,” President Ruto said during a television interview on the 4th January 2023.


President Ruto will brain drain Kenya by sending skilled and educated Kenyan to work abroad, instead of encouraging local and international investments in the country, where those doctors enginieer, cleaners, servers … can work to create the country’s wealth. Diasporans send an average of 10% of their income back home, the rest is used locally to pay rent, insurance, food and other necessary needs.The host countries economy benefits from foreign workers more than their country of origin.

With the recent problems of immigrants from developing countries Europeans are aware of the problems facing Africa and they are taking action to fight economic migration.

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