July 13, 2024

Macron signs 2 billion euro deal with kenyan government

After the military parade, joint press conference, dinner and a night of negotiations , the kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta and the French president  Emmanuel Macron, announced this morning a 2 billion euros (Ksh 200 billion) commercial agreements.

The French president is in a 2 day tour in Kenya where he will attend today thursday the United Nation environment assembly in Nairobi.

It is an “historic” deal we have made with the kenyan goverment, a member of Macron team told French journalists , especially as the partnership between the two countries is very recent, he insisted.

Kenya has allocated the highway project connecting the capital, Nairobi, to a French group (Vinci Concessions, Sogea-Satom, Meridiam) for € 1.6 billion over thirty years.

Other contracts concern the  transport sector (construction of 210 bridges for Kenyan rural roads in particular) or energy (electricity transmission line and solar power station).

Macro is aiming to make a 3 billion (Ksh 300 Billion) deal with the kenyan gouverment during his stay.

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