June 14, 2024
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Kenyans in France | Kenyans in Germany protest over poor services at the Kenya embassy

Today Saturday 1 September, Kenyans in Germany protested infront of the kenyan embassy in Berlin over poor services. They held posters reading: Poor services in embassy,Diaspora office for diasporas, voting in diaspora, We are not boarding to Kenya for E-passport, we want passport machine for diaspora……
They complained of the ignorance of the kenyan embassy staff who take them as send hand citizens, some saying that they even don’t know the kenyan ambassador to Germany.

“Some of us have families with kids who should go to school and with 2 weeks vacation allowance it is impossible to travel to Kenya to make the new passport” Another added that when we travel to Kenya we are harassed by the customs at the airport looking for kitu kidogo, they what to take the little we have struggled to earn, while the white people walk Scott free, its as if its us who are foreigners. We should be considered as kenyans as we contribute in the Kenya economy through our remittances.

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    True they keep the embassy to their families

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    We should also protest against the kenyan embassy in France, they are not here for us but for their pockets and families, documents take too long to be processed.

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

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