April 21, 2024

Kenyans complain of the new e-passport requirements

The Department of Immigration has announced the requirements for the new e-passports and some of them have angered Kenyans.
In order to apply for the new generation document, you need to have both your original ID and birth certificate, and a copy of each.
You also need a copy of your recommender’s ID, filled online forms, payment invoices, 3 passport size photos and a copies of your parents’ ID.

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The payment invoices will depend on the type of passport. The A series (32 Pages) will cost you Kshs 4550 while a B series (48 pages) will set you back Kshs 6050 and a Diplomatic (48 pages) will cost Kshs 7550.
Many Kenyans have decried the requirement to produce a recommender’s ID and the parents’ IDs.
In their view, the requirement on parents’ ID for a passport is redundant given the same is required for one to apply for an ID.

Many Kenyans who are familiar with international travel policies also thought it was backward of Kenya to still ask for a recommender.
Other citizens were also furious with the Immigration Department after it blocked some individuals from accessing its Twitter account.
They explained that being a government service, the department should not have acted in that manner in response to the multitudes who raised questions regarding the passport requirements.

    • 4 years ago (Edit)

    Who are these people who decide policies out there to come with such a silly requirement? They should be a bunch of some illeterate non informed and very stagnant persons.

    • 5 years ago (Edit)

    I write to inquire what will happen to those children who went for studies abroad before attaining the age of obtaining a Kenyan ID Card. How will they replace their Old Kenyan passports with the New E-Passport.

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