April 21, 2024

Kenyan Embassy in Paris Website

A new website has been launched by the kenyan Embassy in Paris. The kenyan Embassy in Paris is accredited to France, Portugal, Serbia, Monaco and Holy See.

The new website adresse is https://kenyaembassyparis.fr This website is in entirely English, French and some pages in portugues.
The kenyan Embassy official website has a wealth of resources, including information about translations, licences, birth and marriage certificates, visa, job vacancy announcements, and official press releases.

For efficiency purposes and to avoid delays, as from the 1st of February 2022 all Consular services at the Kenyan Embassy in Paris will on appointement. Here is the link to book your appointments online https://kenyaembassyparis.fr/appointments/

Responding to the large number of visitors who access the site via mobile device, the new website is also mobile-responsive, adjusting layout depending on the visitor’s screen size, and allows for faster loading of content over a mobile internet connection.

For easier access on the homepage, shortcuts to visa information, Kenyan citizen services, job opportunities, trade and investments, press releases, and news and event are all available.

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