May 26, 2024

Germany government to grant up to 2500€ Kenyans in France do business

For years, development policymakers have wondered how the money that migrants transfer back to their countries of origin could be used to promote sustainable development. A new online platform that will make it attractive for the kenyans living in France diaspora to financially support small and micro-enterprises in Kenya. Their contributions will be augmented by grants from the German state. The goal is for more money to flow into investments and for less to be spent on consumption.

Already existing in Germany for diasporas of 5 countries, the Programe will be launched officially in France for Kenyans living in France by the representative of the platform in France this coming Saturday 13 February 2021.

If a kenyan living in France send 500€ to a family member who has 500€ to do business the platform gives a grant 1000€ and a free business assistant as their support to the diasporas . That aspect is important to the project leaders because it ensures that the partnership proceeds on equal footing. “Investing the same amount makes the partners equal,” claims the platform. The partner in the diaspora pays a fourth and the entrepreneur likewise. The German government then matches the sum of their contributions. The maximum funding amount is € 5000, so state contributions are capped at € 2500 per project.

The platform has been online since the end of 2019. According to the programme director, Wolfram Zunzer of GIZ, over 2,000 projects have since been registered, of which around 650 are already being implemented in Ghana and Cameroon. Three million euros of private and public funding have thus been mobilised. Kenyans in Germay started benefiting from the project in November 2020. The platform now supports five diasporans living in Germany, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Togo.

From 2021 the platform wishes to extended its services to other diasporas living in France, Suisse and Belgium according to Marc Mbieleu.

The Germany platform will officially launch its partnership with Kenyans in France on the 13 February 2021 via Zoom which will be live on kenyans in France Facebook Page and on Kenyans Diaspora France Youtube Channel.

Register now for the zoom session>>> HERE

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The entrepreneurs who receive funding from the platform do not simply receive money from Germany, however; they also receive individual business coaching on site, provided by local coaching organisations.

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    This is wonderful.It will sure create growth opportunities for many SMEs which are the backbone of the economy!

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