June 14, 2024
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Kenyans in France | French students to sit for their exams from today

More than 750 OOO French students will be siting for their Baccalaureante (BAC) exams, the equivalent of KCSE in Kenya from today to the 18 June, marking the end of 2017/2018 academic year.

Particularity of this year: Exams are at the same time with the World Cup soccer games in Russia with France playing against next thursday.

The on going train strike will cause difficulties of transport for the candidates going to their examination center using public transport. The train company has assured that it will organize other means of substitution (bus, taxi…) to ensure that all candidates reach their centers.

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The exam program

Monday, June 18 (8 am to 12 noon): philosophy

Tuesday, June 19 (8 am to 11 am): history and geography

Wednesday, June 20 (2 pm-5pm): language 1 (LV1)

Thursday, June 21 (8 am-11:30am): physics-chemistry

Friday, June 22 (8 am to 12 noon): mathematics

Friday, June 22 (2 pm-4pm): foreign or regional language 2 (LV2).

Monday, June 25: Life and Earth Sciences (SVT) (2 pm-5.30pm) or ecology, agronomy and territories (2 pm-5.30pm) or engineering sciences (2 pm-6pm) .

Friday, July 6th: results of the bac.

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