June 14, 2024

A Kenya missing in France since 2018

A kenyan marathoner went missing in June 2018, Nicodemus Biwott had travelled several times to Italy, Portugal and France to participate in marathons

Biwott arrived in Nice, a town in the south of France on the 30th October 2016, he lived in Manosque then he moved to Marseille.

Nicodemus Kipng’etich Biwott was last seen in Marseille. According to the person he was living with, he was taken to hospital by an ambulance in a critical alcoholic state, leaving all his documents, passport, Identity Card and telephone. Friends who called the ambulance say when they called the hospital emergency service the next day they were told Biwott was no longer in their service. Since then his friends lost track of him. They reported to the French police Biwott’s disappearance days after.

According to his friends Biwott had been drinking a lot and had fallen into alcoholism.

We appeal to all kenyans who might have information on Biwott to contact the Kenyan Embassy in Paris or the nearest police station.

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