June 14, 2024

A chance for 50 kenyan students to go gain professional experience in France

The French ministry of education is giving 50 scholarship opportunities to kenyans students wishing to go to France for 7 months under the English teaching assistant program for the year 2019-2020.
Selected candidates will teach 12 hours a week in a French school, primary or secondary school with a monthly allowance to enable them to finance their stay.


-Must be a Kenyan
-Must be enrolled in a kenyan university
-Must be at least at her/his 2nd year in a kenyan university
-Must have at least French level B1 or its equivalent
-Must be between 20-30 years old


Online registration are open till 25 February 2019
Fill the PDF >>>HERE
Then send by mail to julie.briand@diplomatie.gouv.fr

    • 5 years ago (Edit)

    Hi. Who already is in France from Africa? I would like some info if you dont mind.

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    Am interested to persue French at further levels

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    Mon nom c’est Hannington Oguk, je suis un etudiant a l’université de Meru ,

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