June 20, 2024

Kenyans in France | 5 E-passports centers to be opened for diaspora

Five e-passport centers will be opened for the kenyan diaspora in the next six weeks. In an interview posted by the national government communication Center, the Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i said that the president has given directions to open 8 new centers. This is an answer to demostratations held a week ago by the kenyan diaspora in Germany, where they were demanding machines e-passport machine in the diaspora.

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The kenyan government introduced the new passport a year ago, those with kenyan old passports have until September 2019 to change their documents. Since the process only kenyans in the diaspora can change their old passports at their residential embassies against the old type.

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According to the Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, 8 extra centers will be opened. For the passports are only produced in Nairobi, Nyayo House. For of the 8 centers will be in Kenya, probably Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu. The others will be outside the country to serve the kenyan diaspora, 2 in the European Union probably Germany and Britain, 2 in the United States os America probably in Washing DC and Ney York. An extra center will be opened in middle East probably Dubai

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    Niko ndani ndani ndani kabisa. E passport tibiiiiim, e passport tialala

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    I’m in kabisa .

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    Yang ni for poor services and arrogant staff

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    Pia mimi

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    Niko ndani.

    • 6 years ago (Edit)

    France will not get a machine until we hold demonstrations who is ready we do like they did in Germany ?

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