April 21, 2024

On Arrival

From the airport to your destination

Depending on where you are traveling to within France, there are several means of transport available at the airport which include taxis, taxi apps, buses and RER ( Regional Express Train).

For going to the city center and within Paris, one can use either the metro, buses, taxis or taxi apps.

For traveling out of Paris, one can use the metro or buses to their respective train station which are six in number and located in different parts of the city depending on your final destination. To access information on which train station to go to for the next leg of your trip, you can visit https://www.sncf-connect.com/gare/paris.

To access information on which buses to take from the airport to your desired destination, check on our recommended apps >>>here.

Paying your ticket

For all means of transport from the airport, you can pay either by international bank card or cash. For buses and metros, tickets are valid for one hour and are one-way. For train tickets, they are valid till your destination and can be purchased through either the sncf app or at the station. 

Currency Exchange

If you have foreign currency upon your arrival in France, it is advisable to exchange it at the exchange bureaus located either in the airport or within Paris as some cities and towns outside of Paris may not have this facility.