Nala Money now available in Europe

Born in Africa to develop Africa. Nala the fast growing money transfer platform, is now available in the European countries. Kenyans in Europe can now send money to kenya easily at zero cost. The fintech startup launched Nala in the UK in 2018 then USA last year 2022. With the App you can send money to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana. Nigeria and other countries will follow in a few weeks. With this expansion, the company hopes to gain a sizable market share from the more than 11 million African migrants living in Europe.

To use Nala you just need to download the application for IOS or Google Play >>here Dont forget to use promo code NALATEN to get 10€ for your first transfer.

The aim of the application is to offer an efficient and reliable alternative to the high costs people face when sending money to Kenya. Receiving money is now possible in less than a minute through Mpesa or to any bank account.

“Africa is the lowest income-generating region in the world yet it has the highest transaction rates,” says Fernandes the founder of Nala money transfer

At its core, NALA’s mission is about financial inclusion and so far the company’s approach has been characterised by three things: internet-free transfer of money within Africa; a transaction history tool that allows users to make smarter decisions on how and where they spend their money; and cheaper and easier money transfers to countries in Africa from outside the continent.

NALA is funded by the world’s most prestigious accelerators and VCs including Y Combinator and Accel. We also have the support of angel investors personally involved with building Monzo, Robinhood, Luno and many more.

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